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Name:Hinamori Momo
Birthdate:Jan 9
H I N A M O R I ✿ M O M O

❃. Name: Hinamori Momo
❀• Series: BLEACH
✿• Age: Let's say at least fifty?
❁• Occupation: Soul Socetiy
✾• Timeline: From the point where she was being healed -orgion regenration- in the 12th divion.

❇• Eyes: Brown
❈• Hair: Black
❅• Length of hair: To her neck, when left in ponytails.
❅• Build: Extremely small.

❅• Height: 151 cm (4'11½")
❄• Weight: 39 kg (86 lbs)

Even from her first appearance, she had shown great care for her friends, as well as shown to be quite emotional. She's usually rather quiet though and enjoys drawing (which she's rather good at), reading (fostered by her former Taichou) and can bake some, is not terrible at things like ikebana and the like.

Her friends and her family are both important to her and she wants to protect them, above all.

❃• Likes?: Drawing, reading, peaches, friends, calm, spring, sparing, baking cookies, singing, being optimistic, sleeping? and Tobiume.
❀• Dislikes?: Plums, lies, liars, betrayal, people who deceive others, rude people, scary things, spiders, thunderstorms.

✿• Phobias/Fears: Being alone, thunderstorms, betrayal.

❁• Strengths: Momo is extremely loyal to her friends, almost in a ridiculous way. She's optimistic, idealistic, and understanding.
✾• Weaknesses: Momo can be very impulsive and childish, especially when angered or stressed. She can also be quite oblivious to things right in front of her.

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